Our youngest program accepts infants as little as 6 weeks old. Our highly trained teachers and staff offer a nurturing, creative world for infants to help their minds and bodies develop. We are committed to making you feel comfortable that Serrano Heights Academy will be a second home to your baby. Through age appropriate games and activities, our experienced and loving teachers lay the foundation for later learning and help infants develop cognitive and motor skills. We know that you are your child’s most important teacher and, therefore, we will communicate daily with you about your child’s progress.

​Potty Training
At 2 years of age children enter Pre-Primary (Potty Training). In this class the children are provided opportunities to build independence, gain self confidence and expand basic language and social skills at their own pace. They play with Montessori toys that encourage sensorial and motor exploration, along with creative and musical activities throughout the day. Our well trained, responsive and nurturing teachers work with them on an individual level to prepare them for the next level - our Primary Program.

This class nurtures the growth of self-esteem, independence and self-discipline. We introduce the basics of practical life skills, reading, writing, math, art and cultural studies. Our environment and material encourages active, independent learning at one's own pace. Students receive individualized and group instruction in this cooperative atmosphere.

Junior Kindergarten

After learning the basics of practical life skills and preliminary skills in reading, writing, math, art and cultural studies, the children learn more about math such as single and double column addition, basic subtraction and are introduced to the decimal system.  They also learn about science, history, geography, language and social studies.

After School Program

Our after school program provides an environment that is safe, fun and enriching for children. We ensure that all children will have access to quality activities such as outdoor play, arts and crafts and much more during non-school hours, which will provide social and intellectual stimulation as well as much needed supervision. In addition, homework help is available.

We are Open and have been Open!! If you need child care during this time please give us a call or send us an email!

6511 E. Serrano Ave., Suite C

Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

At the corner of Serrano Ave. & Nohl Ranch Road

(Serrano Center)


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Phone: 714-998-9091  


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Preschool:  304370748 

Infant Care: 304370749

School Age: 304371245