COVID-19 - a New and Ever Discovering Change Upon Us

We are encouraged to remain open for business - serving the community throughout the on-set of COVID-19 as an essential service provider!  Having weighed the risks - we are here, doing life beside you - considering it our blessing to do so!  Our prayers and wishes for peace, go to the many families that have experienced a great loss of life, and changing events - that tug on hearts and change lives forever. To those who have continued bringing in their children we say thank you for trusting us!  We take delight in sharing the grace of goodness in each new day! 


SHA has implemented several new policies and procedures in support of continued wellness for our  staff, children and the community we serve.  These include even more specific daily wellness screenings, that include written disclosures, lots and lots of hand washing, sanitizers, daily temperature taking, wearing of facial masks (for adults) and gloves, to be used for universal precautions.  Cleaning and disinfecting is on-going, remaining a necessary priority, during and after hours!  We have even implemented and enforce classroom management techniques for social distancing in learning environments in addition to meal and rest periods - these training's are supported with continued training in cooperation with CCL (Community Care Licensing), and  CDC (Center for Disease Control) which continually inform us of better and best practices!  The culture of childcare is changing with the now pandemic - but it remains fun, safe and educational with  layers of enrichment's like none other -  a robust blend of adventure in it's own way, each new day!


We are also encouraging parents and staff to bring learning to outside environments. The sunshine and fresh air, is believed to increase wellness opportunities for everyone!  All grouping sizes are limited to 10 people including adults. While these things may change - we are supporting these things as COVID-19 best practices. These standards will change if directed to do so, in the best interest of the community we serve.


All vendors, tours and guests are by appointment only and must meet the same standards while in the school setting to maintain a safe environment.  Those who do not meet the expected, planned standards (to include current staff and children) - are not granted access - and a postponed entrance is arranged. 


Our transparency is intended to help you in determining what's best for you and your child.  These are facts we have determined are reasonable and a allow us to deliver quality care /safety in our child care setting.  It is our sincere desire that we have helped to ensure you peace of mind, to the best of our ability.  We all want to go home at the end of each day - in the same or better condition as when we left.  We believe we are accomplishing this, with grace and respect during COVID-19, the days before and in the days that will follow!  We appreciate your understanding in this very real moment of time! 

We are Open and have been Open!! If you need child care during this time please give us a call or send us an email!

6511 E. Serrano Ave., Suite C

Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

At the corner of Serrano Ave. & Nohl Ranch Road

(Serrano Center)


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Phone: 714-998-9091  


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Preschool:  304370748 

Infant Care: 304370749

School Age: 304371245