At Serrano Heights Academy we offer Infant/Toddler Care, Potty Training, Preschool, Day Care and After School Care for ages 5-10. During the course of a normal day, the following areas of learning are designed to satisfy the child's desire to gain knowledge of independence, concentration, coordination, organization and exploration.

Practical Life

Practical life exercises help the children adapt to their environment and care for themselves, thus enabling the child to develop independence. Examples of these exercises include tasks such as buttoning, which teaches them to take care of themselves, and clean up responsibilities after lunch time, which teaches them to take care of the environment.


Toddlers learn about the world around them by actively using all the senses. Sensorial and manipulative activities include puzzles and matching different objects by shape, size and color. 


Language exercises develop the child's ability to communicate through spoken language, explore sounds and symbol relationships, and express self-written work. Reading, listening to stories, talking and writing are all part of language development. Children are encouraged to communicate through dramatic play, drawing and writing. They may experiment with tracing and copying.


When a child is ready, he or she is introduced to simple math activities. They explore ways in which quantities are related to one another and the association of quantities to numerals. The work progresses from general to specific using concrete materials to reach the abstract.

Geography, Social Studies and Science

The objective of these areas is to help the child become aware, understand and appreciate the history, cultures and the world around them. Science activities allow the child to explore the plant and animal world around, to question and find explanations and to perform simple experiments.


Art is an integral part of the program. Easel painting, clay, crayons and watercolors are available to children and they are encouraged to use them. Music occurs in a group and involves singing, rhythm and movement.

Physical Activity

Children have daily opportunities to engage in outdoor physical activities in the playground. We have a large playground which is divided into three age appropriate areas. Children are carefully supervised by the staff at all times and they provide guidance, conflict resolution and interaction.